Anticipation for a New Jam Titled Naija Kee Ijezi – Festangel


The SSG Records/ Entertainment, Chairman & the present Entertainment/Event Manager of Royal Paradise hotels ‘”FESTANGEL” …. Sets to drop his latest music track on the 1st of October 2016…

Festangel, who dropped a hip-life Song some months ago titled ” IGEDE” has bounced back with another Eastern Nigerian traditional music “Ogene-vibe”, newly introduced to Nigerian/African hip hop world by new famous East-Side Star ” Zoro – Swagbag.

Indeed, Festangel has shown skills and has introduced a lots of sound/rap trick to make his Ogene-Sound & relics more great & educative than the previously released Ogene by other artists..

The song is titled “NAIJA KEE IJEZI”

meaning, How Far Nigeria…

Festangel is so bold to ask the Government some questions pertaining to the economic recessions which Nigeria suffer now, its so obvious that life has being so harsh to most citizens of Nigeria, since the existence of our new government . listening to the first twelve line of the relics he spelled thus,

“I love Nigeria because I no fit be Liberia

But I hate tribephobia wey dey happen for my Area

Our dear politicians them dey like foreign materials,

when they catch malaria, them go travel go Samaria.

KEE IJEZI NAIJA… Is good, I reserve my comment here , but don’t forget to download the song as it drops on Nigerian independence day 2016… The song will be premiered on Nigeria’s top Radios from Wednesday 28 of September till 1st of October, when it will officially dropped in African- music top sites .. The track- listening party will take place @ Royal paradise hotel obosi…


1st October… Be there!

You can meet ” Festangel Nwatulugo Agheze ” at or just search Google for ” Festangel ”



Pls show him much love.

Festangelite, no symbol can symbolize his symbolical-symbolism.


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