#DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Jahborne – Nigeria


#DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Jahborne - Nigeria

ot every time we hear a sample of a classic song of a legend like King Sunny Ade, but as they say, desperate times call for desperate measures. On this track titled “Nigeria“, veteran Nigerian Hip Hop artiste Jahborne samples one of KSA‘s classic tunes to churn out a cry and a plea to every Nigerian to make Nigeria a better place. “Ajo o le da bi ile, Ko ma gbodo baje o” . . The chorus instantly states the aim and purpose of the song, the illfingherz produced song already lays a solid foundation with the drum rollings and the piano, which automatically gets your attention even before the chorus begins. Jahborne really gets emotional on this track, as he charges everyone, all tribes to pray for the oneness of the country, he goes on to lament about the hardship we all face as Nigerians and also encourages the government to do better.

#DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Jahborne – Nigeria.


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